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March 21, 2012
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TS: Drever Hinch v2 by kaitastic TS: Drever Hinch v2 by kaitastic
Hey guys! Thought I'd update my app of Drever's new form. I decided to keep it. May do a slight outfit alteration though!
old app: [link]

  • Some of this information is old and needs to be updated. So please ignore the slight mistakes from this new update

  • Name: Drever Hinch
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6' 2"
    Job: Toy Army Commander (Manager)
    Species: Coin-Operated-Wind-Up Toy

    Weapon: Wind-up Key
      he can remove another wind up key out of his back to use as a weapon as well. The empty space in his back loads in another key; basically has an endless amount of keys to use to his advantage.

      Demonic Abilities: With Bertz equipped he can willingly gain demonic powers that Bertz possesses.
        Strength and speed increased
        can change to Dark!Bertz willingly or unwillingly
        has a higher chance of loosing control of his body *Bertz takes over* and can deal deadly damage
        fights best in the dark; thus the shadow form

      Dodge Attacks: he is very good at dodging attacks. he can reflect hits to his opponent and even use the opponents energy for on simple attack. This is limited though; he can only do it once or twice since it consumes a lot of power to do so.

      Combat: he knows almost all combat styles in the book and can execute them rather well in battle. He can use this wind up key(s) as a type of balancing tool when fighting in midair. On ground battles he uses his keys as weapons. Sure they may look dull and un-harmful, but these keys can cut you like a sword. Never judge a book by it's cover. Things aren't always what they seem.

      Intimidating: From a distance he looks like he can kill anyone on site. He uses this as a form of respect; knowing that no one will defy the rules.

      Respectful: he cares for all of his fellow managers and a few employees. He isn't ignorant around them; well at least he tries not to.

      Manipulative: he is during battles or social conflict. He can seem like the "nice" guy but he can full out become an ass.

      Possessive: over protective, especially over the people he cares for. He can go insane if any one he cares deeply for is hurt.

      Honest: he never lies. But that could be a bad thing.

      Impulsive: he can by very un-thoughtful; especially during tight situations.

      Independent: he enjoys working by himself. He works best by himself; but enjoys doing group activities.


      In the year of 1939, a young man by the name of Damien Nicolas Tessier was busy at work preparing his family to move out of country. Little did he know was that his life was going to change in a matter of seconds. A giant explosion went off and killed everyone instantly, except for Damien. He was badly injured and close to death. Damien hoped that someone would discover him and take him away from what is now a family grave. He crawled out of the rubble and onto the burnt field. He looked back over his shoulder and saw his home was no more, some parts of the rubble was still burning. It got dark really fast as Damien was crawling through the field. His legs were broken and all he could do was use his arms to get around. Damien was so weak that he couldn't move around much longer; he knew he was going to die.
      Damien's body lie in the nearby forest by his destroyed home. Voices were being heard around him, he no longer cared if he died. A dark being emerged from the fog around his body. He spoke in a English Accent that Damien didn't understand. He lay there looking up to the shadow creature. The creature swayed his arm over Damien's face and said,"Are you ready to die? Or do you think you have more to offer?" Damien simply said he didn't care. He would rather die than be alone. The creature snickered at his response."Well then. How about being reborn into something better? Something better than being a mortal human who breaks so easily. You will be given a new life and a new name....Drever Hinch." He turned fast and his sleeve left Damien's face. He realized his broken legs were fixed, but had a different feel to them. He was made out of plastic. He looked over to a pond and peered in to look at his reflection, his appearance changed. A hat was thrown from the darkness and landed at Damien's feet. A voice called out, "Take this hat and I will be with you from now on. Use my strength to get your revenge." Damien picked up the hat and set it on his head. A strong power overwhelmed him and he fell back. His eyes were closed. He then heard a bunch of voices around him. He opened his eyes and was baffled to see that he was infront of a giant store. There he looked and saw many strange beings dressed to look like certain types of toys. A young lady emerged from the crowd and simple said, " Come, Drever. You have work to do."

      tea & coffee
      candy (especially chocolates)
      books *fantasy especially*
      socializing *but with only close friends*
      shining up his wind up keys

      ignorant people
      being looked down upon
      annoying workers
      being seen as "laid back"

    Additional Information:
      Bertz is the spirit inside of his hat
    • He can change into a demonic being in tight situations

    • Dark!Bertz is created when he takes over Drever's body. *The Dark Shadow Form in app*
      Has a wind-up key in his back and also carries one as a cane; which can be used as a weapon
      He wears reading glasses when he is doing paper work
      loves writing memoirs and stories
      Drever has ball jointed limbs.

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